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            Wisconsin Custom Built Homes


            4 - 6 bedrooms ? 2 - 4 baths ? 2 levels ? 1680 - 2576 sq ft

            Dream Homes Multi-family homes are built with the idea that two are better than one. Utilizing the same precision built techniques as our other models, the options available are endless. Open floor plans, stylish kitchens, spacious bedrooms, all customized to fit your needs.

            Multi-Family Floor Plans

            • 2670 Duplex

              28' x 60' | 1680 Sq Ft

              bedrooms: 4
              bathrooms: 2

              Floor Plan
              Rendering 1
            • 2640 Duplex

              28' x 72' | 2016 Sq Ft

              bedrooms: 4
              bathrooms: 2

              Floor Plan
              Rendering 1
            • 2630 Duplex

              lower level: 28' x 46' | 1288 Sq Ft
              upper level: 28' x 46' | 1288 Sq Ft

              bedrooms: 6
              bathrooms: 4

              Floor Plan
              Rendering 1

            Interior Options


            Flush Panel, Hollow Core Oak Doors
            Flush Panel, Solid Core Oak Doors
            Raised Panel, Solid Core Doors In A Variety Of Styles
            Raised Panel, Hollow Core Doors In A Variety Of Styles
            Interior French Doors In A Variety of Styles
            Decorative Interior Glass Doors In A Variety Of Styles
            Sliding Pocket Doors
            Mirrored Bi-Fold Doors
            Leverset Door Handles
            Nickel Hardware
            Venetian Bronze Hardware


            Water Lines Connected In The Floor
            Outside Water Faucets
            Air Chambers
            Laundry Tubs & Sinks
            PEX Tubing Water Supply Lines


            Wood or Ceramic Edge On Counter Tops
            Ceramic Backsplash For Counter Tops
            Ceramic Between Counter Tops And Wall Cabinets
            Cast Iron And Composite Sinks
            8" Deep Stainless Steel Sink
            Corian Counter Tops
            Zodiaq Counter Tops
            Separate Hard Water Line With Faucet
            Whirlpool Appliances
            Garbage Disposal
            Trash Bin Kit
            Stainless Steel Or Black Range Hood
            Extended Or Suspended Drywall Soffit
            Optional Faucets


            Several Different Medicine Cabinets And Mirrors
            Shower Doors And Tub Doors
            Caps For Tubs And Showers (As Available)
            Whirlpool Tubs
            In-Line Heaters For Whirlpool Tubs
            Deluxe Fixture Colors
            Optional Faucets
            Ceramic Tile For Floors And Tub Platforms
            Oak or Ceramic Edge on Counter Tops
            Heat / Light Vent Fans
            Cultured Marble Vanity Tops
            Corian Counter Tops
            Zodiaq Counter Tops
            Recessed Fan Light


            Optional Light Fixtures (Including Nickel Package)
            Dimmer Switches
            Door Bell (Wired To Two Buttons)
            Switched Attic/Crawlspace Light With Indicator
            Wiring For Ceiling Fans
            Recessed Can Lights For Ceilings And Soffits
            Recessed Eyeball Lights For Cathedral Ceilings
            Track Lights
            Extra Interior And Exterior Receptacles
            Fishwires For On-Site Phone, TV &/Or Computer Jacks
            Fluorescent Closet Lights
            Fluorescent Under-Cabinet Lights
            Fluorescent Kitchen Lights
            220V Wiring For Electric Range
            Optional Service Panel Box
            Wiring For On-Site Garage Power


            Raised Panel Hickory, Maple & Cherry Cabinets
            Flat Panel Maple & Cherry Cabinets
            Pre-Built Cabinets
            Microwave Cabinet
            Pantry Cabinets
            Linen Cabinets & Broom Cabinets
            Appliance Garages
            What-Not Shelves
            Built-In Bench Seat
            Desk Units & Bookcases
            Oak Veneer End Panels
            Slide-Out Shelves
            Ball-Bearing Drawer Slides
            Crown Moulding


            Cathedral Ceilings
            Rounded Drywall Corners
            Knotty Pine Ceilings (Finished)
            Heavier Textured Ceilings
            Medium Textured Walls And Ceilings
            Split Foyers
            Ship-Loose Carpet
            Installed Vinyl Flooring
            Ceramic Tile For Various Areas
            Wood Laminate Flooring For Various Areas
            Gas-Burning Fireplace
            Wood-Burning Fireplace (Sealed Combustion Unit)
            Several Fireplace Fronts
            Basement Stairs (Limited Availability)
            Type B And All-Fuels Chimneys
            Heat Registers, Boots, And Return Airs
            Baseboard Electric Heat
            Hydronic Baseboard Panels
            Fresh-Air Exchanger Units
            Ship-Loose Breathe-Clean Air Purification Unit
            9'-0" Sidewalls

            Exterior Options

            Windows and Doors

            Double Hung Windows
            Casement Windows
            Bow And Bay Windows
            Box Bay Windows
            Walk-A-Bay Windows
            Transom Windows
            Trapezoid Windows
            Vinyl Windows
            Andersen Windows (Unfinished)
            3 1/2" Wide Vinyl Door And Window Trim
            Sliding Patio Doors
            Swinging Patio Doors
            Steel Exterior Doors (Primed)
            Steel Exterior Doors (Finished)
            Sidelites For Front Doors
            Transoms For Front Doors
            Custom Cladding For Doors And Sidelites
            Dead-Bolt Locks
            Thumblatch Handleset And Kick-Plate
            Storm Doors
            Nickel Hardware
            Venetian Bronze Hardware


            Dutchlap Vinyl
            Selection Of Other Double-4 Vinyls
            Double-6 Vinyl With Foam Insulation Backer
            8" Natural Cedar Lap
            8" Finished Cedar Lap
            8" Finished Cedar 1/2 Log Profile
            Selection Of Finished Knotty Pine Log & 1/2-Log Profiles


            Roof Dormers (Several Sizes)
            6/12 Roof Pitch (Ranch & 2-Story)
            8/12 Roof Pitch (Ranch & 2-Story)
            R-50 Ceiling Insulation (Ranch & 2-Story)
            R-5 Foam For Sidewalls
            High Performance R-21 Batt Insulation For Sidewalls & Parallel Chord Ceilings
            Vinyl Shutters (Louvered Or Raised Panel)
            Cedar Shutters
            Door & Window Decorator Accents
            Porches (Limited Availability)
            Recessed Entries
            Finished Wood Window Grills
            Internal Window Grills
            Fixed & Venting Roof Windows
            Tubular Skylights